Black Triangle UFOs: Lost in a Snowstorm

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A post by xiphias; a member of, sept. 11 2010.

About 10-11 years ago, I was taking the trash out to a dumpster, in the middle of a strong snowstorm.
As I'm walking back, the snow stops completely; like someone hit the off switch. I look up, and this giant craft is slowly flying past me at a distance of about 75-100ft. This thing was enormous and completely silent. It was also flying smoother than a cloud ever could.
It also had giant white lights in the shape of a V, stretching far off into the distance. These lights were so bright, you'd expect them to burn your eyes; but they didn't. It didn't feel like they hurt my eyes at all.

The thing was so big, I could only actually see the “left wing,” but it was so close, I could actually see the trailing edges of the craft as it passed by. Imagine taking the Empire State Building and converting it into a V-shaped stealth fighter. That's pretty much what it looked like. Perfect angles and symmetry on a scale I've yet to see mankind achieve.

What I always wondered was: Man-made or not, why fly so low in a mountainous region during a snowstorm? Obviously such a craft could easily fly above the clouds. Also the direction it was coming from and moving meant it had to have been navigating through some wicked terrain. Just seems too illogical for this to have happened exactly as it did. Maybe they were lost?

Recently, I became aware of the “Phoenix Lights UFO.” Not only did an entire city witness this phenomenon, but a family describes seeing the same exact thing I saw; in detail; apparently at around the same year. A giant V-shaped (triangle) craft with lights on the bottom of it. Supposedly the “Phoenlix Lights” were actually a diversion to hide what this family (and a few others) actually saw.

This is the craft I saw, with my own two eyes, no more than 100ft above me, moving at a relatively slow speed:

Not making this # up. The crazy part, at this age, I would have expected myself to crap my pants and start running at such a sight. I didn't. It was like I was frozen in awe; not fear. Of course nobody ever believed me. Whatever.

This leads me to this article:

Perhaps the Triangle craft are piloted by some sort of Artificial Intelligence?

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