South Carolina witness reports multiple spheres and triangle object

www.thephoenixlights.net_gap_photos_animations_gap_5n.jpg Cette observation datée du 26 janvier 2011 est intéressante car ce qu'elle a donné à voir est compatible avec ce qu'on vu les habitants de Phoenix le 13 mars 1997.
A savoir:

  • Un objet triangulaire noir en déplacement toujours lent, avec des sources de lumières en dessous, souvent généralement près des bords. Ici en l'occurrence, près de chaque bord, 3 sources de lumières. Ce qui correspond assez à une des observations rapportées par Larry Lowe avec le cas V-3 représenté ici à droite. Lien vers le Geospatial Animation Project de Larry Lowe. Et représentée dans cette image :
  • Des ensembles de sources de lumière blanches (3,5,7,+) en déplacement rapide et bougeant un peu dans tous les sens. Ne sont pas reliées entre elles. Ici, un détail intéressant est précisé. Détail que je n'avais pas lu ou entendu pour Phoenix : il est indiqué que les sources de lumière flashaient. Ce qui évoque encore que ces effets soient obtenus par lasers infrarouge pulsés.

Voici le contenu original de l'observation

At 7pm on January 24,2012 i received a phone call from a friend that was20 miles from me and he said he was looking at a UFO above his house. I went outside and to the west I saw about ten spheres moving ereadically with flashing white lights. These lights moved in all directions including around each other. The night sky was so clear it was only the second time I was able to see milky way with bare eyes. 2 minutes after going outside my wife joined me outside and to our south she pointed out a large triangle shaped object with 3 lights on each tip. The object was only a quarter mile above the ground and it was traveling very slowly and noiseless. we watched this triangle continue its path due west and after 5 minutes or more, just as it was almost out of sight it began returning in our direction and passed by my house again now to my north watching it for a total of 15 minutes. I live on a dead end street and had people on my road trying to chase it down. Just as I lost sight of it for the first time it was about to go ver the ocean. At my house here we are lucky to have a very good unobstructed view for miles in all directions without trees even interfering. We live on a dead end road with only 3 homes past mine and the road is not finished yet because it has not been developed. The only cars to pass my house daily are the people living on my road, but while this was going on,at one point had 11 vehicles turning around. We did not hear noise or smells. 20. Minutes after loosing site of everything i began to hear helicopters around my area. I went back outside and saw 3 helicopters with 1 other one that was quite large. And appeared to be using a spotlight.
Source MUFON Case 35252.

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