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Black Triangles

So, I've been loosely following the whole Black Triangle thing for a number of years. I've never seen one, just read the stuff on the net. I have no professional qualifications whatsoever…just a sci-fi nerd. I thought it would be fun to just write down some of the questions that have occurred to me over the years in regards to the subject. Some of these questions and speculations are probably silly, impractical, impossible but maybe they will trigger a better question or idea on your part. If by some chance I happen to have hit on something accurate, well, I'm not the one who decided to go fly them around w/ the lights on.

For this exercise I'm laying down the basic assumption that they are in fact a classified aircraft that is operated by either a branch of the U.S. military or at least something loosely connected to it. I can't completely rule out an ETH here but if I include aliens the speculation will go too far afield to make this exercise practical. There is no logical end to the speculation of potential possibilities in the case of an ETH. With humans we can make semi-educated guesses.

I'll restrict speculation to the recent Big Black Deltas…ie. the really huge ones, mostly seen in low and slow flight w/ the big lights, mostly seen from mid to late 1980's until present. Small triangles, triangles from ufo reports of the 1960's etc, or high altitude triangles are arbitrarily omitted for this speculation exercise. I'm also a bit lazy so I haven't really gone back and re-examined all the sightings reports etc. Some of my recollections of these reports are probably a bit off. Feel free to correct me if you have documentation handy.


1. Why so large?

2. Rigid dirigible is easiest explanation. A non-lighter-than-air craft of this size likely requires Star Trek technology.

3. Speculation of heavy lift cargo airship. This would have many practical applications.

4. If not pure heavy lift purpose it could be a multi-purpose platform w/ different roles. Might make an ideal platform for different communications, surveillance systems. An airship of this size could likely pack as many electronic systems, computers, radars, telescopes as you could possibly want.

5. Could the size simply be a function of a novel propulsion mechanism…ala Ionocraft type EHD propulsion or something similar combined w/ lighter than air lift? Take a look at Interested parties might be able to work out some rough estimations on what performance specs might be using the listed calculations and witness reports of BBD size.

6. Seems like 90%+ sightings reports are of hovering or low and slow motion. Some much smaller percentage, including 2000 Illinois case describe I believe 1-2 bursts of very fast horizontal travel. I'm not aware of any reports describing high speed 90 degree turns, falling leaf descents, or other highly erratic flight patterns.

7. Only radar case I'm aware of is from Belgium. Ground radar reports of low and slow flight. One F-16 radar lock but the pilot did not have a simultaneous visual. Second F-16 not equipped with radar? Colonel De Brouwer's press briefing I believe use the F-16 radar report to state a calculated acceleration of “30-40g”. Could the F-16 radar be spoofed by some stealth technology? While there were thousands of eye witnesses in Belgium over a long periods of time, I believe most of these were of the “low and slow” type reports. Unsure how many claimed visual on high speed flight.

8. Impressed w/ the amount of work put into Sigma Animation's 3D modeling recreation of the 2000 Illinois case. I don't recall them ever stating any estimations on the high speed bursts which strikes me as odd. One witness I believe thought ~6 miles covered in ~3-4 seconds.

9. Is it possible that optical illusions of some sort are used to give the impression of high speed? Some speculation on various stealth/camo techniques employed such as cameras filming topside and projecting a sky image onto bottom of fuselage and vice versa? Could large lights be used for visual references for ground observers and then manipulated in such a way as to promote impresson that the craft was smaller/farther away than it actually is?

10. If craft of this size can actually move that fast, regardless of power source and propulsion system, it would displace an incredible amount of air unless there were some additional technical solution to this, ala NIDS “air spike” theory. Tech for eliminating sonic booms on high speed air craft is discussed in mainstream science mags. I believe there was some discussion of electrical methods of ionizing air in front of craft and such. Even if possible it would seem that high speed flight at such low altitudes would create enormous ground effects and air disturbances in the vicinity? Are high speed bursts accompanied by disturbed trees, dust? Do high speed bursts occur over open fields, forests, buildings, etc?

11. If craft speed is an optical illusion, possibly combined with technology to spoof radar returns, power source and propulsion could be entirely low tech, such as propellers hidden in fuselage, well muffled diesel engines or generators, batteries, possibly some additional noise reduction technology. Suggestions of tethered power source seem highly impractical and defeat much of the advantages of a heavy lift blimp. Suggestions of remote microwave power source are interesting but would also seem to defeat the many advantages of a large autonomous heavy lift blimp.

12. Fouche's TR3-B claim included nuclear powerplant combined with other advanced Star Trek technology, ala plasma based Magnetic Field Disruptor. This claim seems at odds with large numbers of operations over populated areas. Some speculation that the bright lights were a novel way of venting the reactor's unused heat, possibly active in low and slow flight and then dimmed during high speed when more power is required? I have no idea if this makes practical sense or not. May not be convential lights per se but some device that emits visible light as a side effect. Reports that lights do not illuminate ground as a spotlight would.

13. As sightings dates/times/locations are known, what are moonlight and weather conditions like? Should be easy enough to Google this kind of data after the event. Are these things operated only on still, moonless nights or are they operated during high winds and a full moon? Surface area of the cross section would seem to make it vulnerable to high winds if it is a conventional airship.

14. UFO researchers are the primary trackers of BBD sightings. If classified DOD craft it could be easy to spike the sightings databases w/ reports that include innacurate locations, visual characteristics, flight behavior, etc in order to alter perception of true capabilities. Probably wiser to speculate on what is known from specific, documented cases rather than semi-anonymous reports which may include outright attempts to poison the well.

15. I believe all known sightings reports are from the ground. I don't recall any sightings reports that have seen the topside from other aircraft or from tall buildings. Belgian F-16s never had visual contact w/ the BBD.

16. Some witnesses report buzzing, humming, “transformer-like” sound. One Illinois witness reported sound like well-tuned V8 engine at 40 feet. Sound could be result of power source, propulsion, some secondary system or net result of some noise-suppresion technology. It is not difficult to make internal combustion engines or generators very quiet, especially at 500 feet or farther.

Regardless of any speculations on exotic technology and even if this is just a clever package of conventional technology the really enormous question is why is a classified craft being operated in a semi-public manner?

1. Large numbers of operations in a semi-public, non-stealthed manner. Semi-public meaning that obviously they are not flying over Central Park at noon or over football games. Operating in such a manner could likely produce real deaths in the forms of car crashes, trampling etc.

2. Large numbers of sightings over somewhat populated areas, freeways etc. I believe all or nearly all sightings are at night.

3. Two possibilities: Craft is either in a testing phase or in an operational phase.

4. DOD has enormous amount of controlled airspace. They could test flight performance to their hearts content in Nevada etc with little to no risk of observation. What would testing a system like this outside of controlled airspace give you that a place like Nellis doesn't have?

5. Controlled desert airspace doesn't have: lots of urban buildings, the general public, freeways with traffic, etc. Perhaps testing systems or mission types that demand real-world environments? Highly unusual.

6. To my knowledge it has never even been hinted at that this craft has run missions in real conflicts, ie. Desert Storm, Serbia-Kosovo, current Iraq conflict. I would think that if it was in use in hostile conflicts there would be rumors floating around on the net from the various military gossip type sites. I recall at least one F-117 being shot down in Serbia which was probably a much more difficult task than hitting something like this. Something this large, low and slow would seem extremly vulnerable to almost any kind of weapon you could imagine in hostile territory. Unless it truly can maintain Star Trek type flight characteristics full time and/or react instantly and/or has some kind of super force field it would seem trivial to locate with ground spotters and use machine guns, artillery, anti-aircraft, RPGs, whatever against it. This may suggest that it is not designed for use in hostile territory or that it is somehow still in a testing phase that demands operation in an area that, while somewhat public, doesn't contain jihadis with light artillery.

7. One site had speculation that this was a reconnaissance/spotter craft for B2 bombers, designed to locate Russian train based missile platforms. I might be wrong but this seems to be a highly vulnerable, clumsy package for such a task unless of course it has all kinds of Star Trek type tech, which, once again, seems at odds with semi-public operations over small towns.

8. I don't immediately recall any sightings outside the continental US other than the ones in Belgium. I may be wrong on this point but keep in mind I'm only considering the BBD that are mostly low and slow and have the enormous lights. Seems like the first major reports were from Belgium. If this is a DOD craft it seems odd that it would be seen first in Belgium rather than the US where the DOD would likely have much more control over the media, law enforcement, FAA etc.

9. Seems like there are two choices here: Either the operators want the craft to be observed, seemingly by a relatively small population of potential observers or they have no choice, ie. if it is performing a mission that is of such value that it must occur whether observed or not. Again, they are not hovering over football games.

10. What's w/ the lights? I believe even Apache pilots do fast tree-top flight with no lights, using only night-vision. If this is a stealth craft why wouldn't they use the same techniques? Bright lights and stealth do not go together. Could be that the lights are some inevitable side effect of the power, propulsion or other on board system? They may not have a choice about the lights?

11. Lighting lends weight to idea that they want it to be observed. Why? Undoubtedly foreign military services keep an eye on UFO reports. Are these operations designed to convey disinfo of some type to other military powers? Are we trying to hoax other military forces into believing that we have a big ace up our sleeve? Perhaps they are spectacular distractions designed to attract attention in one location while something more innocuous looking but more important happens elsewhere? Insert favorite theory of spook psyops on the general public here.

12. Lighting may be part of some optical illusion/camo system. If testing such a system they may need to attract attention then analyze sightings reports by average people to get a true idea of effectiveness. Testing such a system w/ military observers on a secret airbase might not provide real-world data.

13. Either the operators are supremely confident of the safety of the platform or they have no choice about flying it in the open. They don't seem to mind the possibility that some yokel with a deer rifle might start shooting at them. They seem to feel that the possibility of a critical accident or crash is either non-existant or nearly so, that such a crash wouldn't matter(unlikely due to press coverage if crashing in a populated area) or, once again, that the mission priority is high enough to warrant the risk regardless of compromised secrecy and political fallout.

14. Obviously if Fouche was right about a nuclear powerplant then the political fallout from floating a reactor, no matter how safe it might be, would be untenable. If non-nuclear but using some kind of novel propulsion like an Ionocraft's EHD method that produces lots of carcinogenic ozone there would be all kinds of inquiries into the environmental safety of the platform. Were there any reports of an ozone or other strange smell? Clearly you would want to keep it classified if it had exotic or unusual tech but this again begs the question of why it is displayed openly.

What would you use such a craft for?

1. Possible roles: Heavy lift transport? Sensor platform? Spectacular distraction/disinfo/psyops? Join the Air Force: “We're Wicked Cool!” recruiting campaign?

2. What kind of heavy lifting would you want to do within the United States that couldn't be more practically and safely accomplished by truck or train? Things that don't fit onto trucks or trains? Other secret aircraft? Giant machinery that, if observed, might reveal other classified projects? Nukes? Nuclear waste? Large quantities of outbound illegal arm and inbound illegal drugs ala Iran-Contra? If you wanted to move nukes around, a platform like this might actually be much safer than by truck or train from an accident, hijacking perspective. Material transport to/from existing or under construction secret bases where a convoy of semi's would draw attention from the locals?

3. Is it possible that this might be an ideal method for shuffling strategic assets around? It might be resistant to ground and satellite observation from foreign powers. A transport method that is a clever variation on the shell game? Is it possible that the craft is operating in a stealth mode but that it is stealthed from above rather than below? Projecting an image of the ground below onto it's topside in order to resist showing up on satellite images? Such a platform could move around mobile ICBM launching systems and drop them off in all kinds of random locations inaccessible to trucks and trains.

4. Someone pointed out that reconnaissance platforms are trending towards the small these days. This is true but if this is a 20-30 years old platform the computers, batteries, miniature electronics common to the latest small UAVs did not exist in the early 80's. If this is the same thing that was in Belgium in 1989 then you would guess development must have started no later than the early 1980s. Also, the sheer size of this platform means you could include an enormous amount of sensor systems that would not be possible on a small UAV.

5. Would this make a good mobile communications relay platform? Radar platform? Some kind of surface mapping platform? Ground penetrating radar? What kinds of sensor systems/electronics could you put in a giant heavy lifting platform that could hover over the treetops that would not be better served in a conventional aircraft or from a satellite? Could you go around w/ a giant X-ray type machine looking inside of buildings?

6. What kind of clever things could you do w/ electronics if you had 2 or 3 of these things flying in a big formation?

7. Someone suggested this was being used for border control and drug interdiction. This strikes me as somewhat improbable. If it was doing that kind of duty full time it seems like the cartels would know it by now and this kind of info would be out on the net to a much greater degree than it is.

8.On the weird side, something like this would be super platform for abducting cattle…much better suited than a helicopter I would think.

9. The NIDS guess that it is being used for transport between existing military bases seems possible but it begs the question what you would be transporting that you couldn't just stick under a tarp on the back of a truck. If it were something super-secret you would think it would be stuck out in the desert in a controlled space …not moving around to standard military bases.

So, lots of questions. No real answers. Any of these speculations seem likely to you?

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