People just misinterpret the lights. They were flares & planes flying informaion. People just wanna see aliens & ufos because the human imagination is fascinated with the unthinkable. So there judgement is bad.
Theres no proof of any craft? that was supposedly a mile long. Its all imagination & delusional witnesses.
muchohumpty 1 month ago


@muchohumpty You should listen to yourself. You sound like a robot. Are you autistic? Don't you get it. I didn't see some object from a great distance. Me, my wife, my son and my grandson saw an object pass over our heads about 100 feet above us. Your judgment is bad my friend, and my judgment is good. I always wonder about people like you and I can only conclude that you are unhappy. Not about anything in particular but just in general so you are unable to think creatively. Smoke some pot.
@muchohumpty I don't know what to say to you. You certainly can't see through my eyes nor experience what I experienced. Perhaps you might go onto my blog and read my testimony on three different sighting that I had from my property during 1997. My testimony about the sighting of March 13, 1997 is over ten thousand words and you can review for yourself exactly in detail what I saw. I also had a clear sighting on 6/25/97 and another on 7/23/97.My blog is the same as my YouTube name with a dotcom
PhoenixLightsUFO 1 month ago (Tim)

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