Échange de messages avec Randall Fitzgerald pour mettre la main sur Ann Baker et au moins vérifier pourquoi Randall n'évoque pas dans son article la fin de l'observation de Ann Baker.

Ann Baker said nothing to me about the lights leaving at tremendous speed.

She mentioned nothing to me about the speed at which the lights disappeared.

My interviews were conducted using handwritten notes.

Her Interview was over the phone and not recorded.

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Well at least that increases statistically the possibility that that person does exist !

I think you still can be of help.

When I read your article several month ago, talking about the ann baker sighting, I was very surprised

You wrote : Ann Baker peered directly up at them passing silently above her and could see stars between the lights. “I did not see any solid mass. There were five bright, white lights in a v-shape formation. Then it actually changed formation. It was now in a half-circle with five red, bright lights.”

You didn't mention an essential feature of her sighting I heard from the Tanner/Hamilton/Lowe/Fortson group. ⇒ That the formation left at a tremendous speed.

Lary Lowe got the Ann Baker story from Tanner and Hamilton.

He says :

At 20h13, in East South Prescott, All I think she ever allowed for was that she saw 5 white lights in a V formation – same pattern as Ley. I don't know that she saw structure as he did or that it was that low. What was described to me was that the 5 white lights in a V formation Ann Baker saw 5 intense white light sources sources organized in a V as if they where attached to an object, pass slowly and silently right above her. The V stopped above her ? (I am not sure at all if larry said that, the rest i am sure) The V formation yawed staying flat ; transitioned to an arc and changed to red in the process of doing the accelleration – all of it happening in one motion, the color shift, the formation change and the sudden departure. with an astounding speed toward the south in the direction of New River , north of Phoenix.

Mike fortson says he is the one that broke that story, but has also lost trace of Ann Baker.

Do you have a recording or a transcript of your interview. I really would like to see/hear that.

My main question is : do you confirm that she said that the formation shot off at a tremendous speed ?

laurent chabin

—– Original Message —– From: randall fitzgerald To: Laurent Chabin Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 11:50 PM Subject: Re: Ann Baker

Hello Laurent Chabin:

Thanks for your email. I did interview Ann Baker in late 1997, when I was researching the Arizona Lights phenomenon. Apparently she no longer has that telephone number from 13 years ago and I don't know how to contact her. Sorry that I can't be of help.

best wishes, randall

—–Original Message—– From: Laurent Chabin Sent: Nov 21, 2010 10:11 AM To: Randall Subject: Ann Baker

Hello mister Fitzgerald.

Larry Lowe provided me kindly your email.

I have been working since march on the Phoenix Lights case and I would like to interview Ann Baker.

Do you know how to contact her directly ?

I ask this to you because you made reference to her sighting in one of your articles in the examiner.

Meanwhile, i will try through Tanner/Hamilton; they seem to be the original providers of the information.

And by the way, I found your articles very good !

And if you have not yet, look at the Tim Printy article in Sunlite volume 2 Number 3 from p 7, he reused some of your findings. He made a good breakdown of the observations.

laurent chabin from France

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