Category Orbs on dark V. Mike Fortson !

NUFORC Report Number 37

Occurred : 3/13/1997 20:30
Reported: 4/3/1997 00:07
Posted: 1/11/2002
Location: Chandler (app. 20 miles E/SE of Phoenix), AZ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1.5 min
Summary : My wife and I witnessed a craft passing in front uf us that was close to a mile long.
This boomerang/trianglar craft became "transluct" when it passed through the light of the moon.

It was 8:30 pm., mst, 3/13/97, and I was going to bed. I went to close the window, when three huge, white, bright lights caught my eye. A plane was crashing from SkyHarbor Airport in Phoenix, the angle and speed would not allow a plane to survive. I ran to the living room, grabbed my glasses, and told my wife of 25 years, Get outside,NOW! Never said that before, in that tone. We were standing on our porch within 8-10seconds. This craft was 3000 ft. off the surface. at least 1 mile in length. There is no doubt in our minds that what we were seeing, was one object. It appeared to be triangular or wedge shaped. Three bright white beams of light up front, and 4-5 solid, non-blinking red lights on east side and rear. The moon at that time was at 45 degrees and directly facing us. I told my wife, “We'llbe able to see detail as it passes in front of us, directly in front of the moon. As the craft passed thru the light of the moon, the color of the moon changed to dingy yellow, and we could see horizontal “waves” as it passed. These waves were similar to gasoline fumes if one to take the lid off of a gas can, and look at the reflection of the fumes. The craft was viewed by us from a straight line north to south. It never moved irratically, nor did it make a sound. It was totally quiet. Our viewing sight was approximatly 2 milesfrom the craft. We witnessed a plane in landing formation pass right over the object. It never adjusted its course. It didn't see it. I told my story to MUFON on 1-15-97. We were on,”Strange Universe“ on 3/31/97 as witnesses to this great event. The video on the news and tvis not what we saw at or near that same time. Our sighting was one solid object. We live in the far eastern part of Chandler, and had an excellent view point. This craft had no visible means of propulsion and was totally quiet. It never changed course and went straight southtowards Tucson, Az. The object was dark and was not big in height, but beyond huge in length. We were back inside by 8:45 in total disbelief of what we had seen. It wasn't until we saw the news the next day, did we realize that others had seen massive sightings. I am 44 years old, married for 25 years, three grown boys, and twin grand daughters, I am a US Navy veteran, with 14 years education.

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