The following are my views and opinions on the events on March 13, 1997.

There are 6 videos shot near 10 PM MST all facing near the south-southwestern part of the Valley of the Sun. And near the direction of the Barry Goldwater Test site. From Phoenix proper area, one would need to have some elevated mountainside home to witness these distant lights. The term “Phoenix Lights” came from these distant more than likely flares. Flares that were intentionally dropped and ignited at or near 17,000' altitude in order to be seen 45-70 mile away. These lights were never “over Phoenix” whatsoever…or even over Maricopa county!

One video shot near the 8:30 hour by Terry Proctor. Very grainy, but he did get the video!

One video shot by Scott Montgomery of orbs over Luke AFB and being chased by F-16's.


10:00 PM- or close to….Terry Proctor.(terry1)..good video… not timed and dated…light in video which is a little lower is of interest, but thought to be a street light…or is it something else?

10:00 PM- or close to… Chuck Riordan (chuckr1)….great video…there's that light to the left and just a bit lower again..(there's many reports of the “trailing orb”) very similar to Terry Proctors 10 PM video, but 40 miles plus apart. Other than myself, no one is paying much attention to the light “watching” the flare drop.

10:00 PM- or close to…Mike Krysten (krysten)….this is the video one sees everytime the words, “Phoenix Lights” appear. The witness would be describing what they had seen in the 8 o'clock hour while this video shot at 10 PM played on the television screens.

10:00 PM- or close to….Steve Blounder (no copy)

10:00 PM- or close to…Tom King (marchk1)…Toms initial reaction was to film the “orb”…then the lights are seen…one at at time. Tom King and Bill Hamilton were guests at Steve Blounder's home just south of Phoenix. They were the closest to the lights.

10:00 PM- or close to….Dr Lynne (docx1)…she's probably the furthest away from the lights. Nothing for sure but distant lights, probably flares. As of March 13, 2010…(13 years later) she is now an 8 o'clock witness to the massive V shaped craft….also now a 9 o'clock witness to “orbs” (none of this was in her first book and first DVD on the PL case and “her” investigation) All she really has is distant lights.

8:30 PM- or close to….Terry Proctor (830) awesome! grainey, but awesome. He got it one video! I only wish it were timed and dated.

Sometime between 9 and 10 PM- or close to…Scott Montgomery shot video of orbs being chased by F16's. Terrible video…he keeps jumping from the orbs to the jets and quickly back to the orbs….no one listened to what Scott was saying during the shoot…..his adrenilin rush was off the charts!

I hope this helps.


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