Good day Laurent!

I've viewed the videos several times. You have done some excellent work! Your effort is much appreciated.

Maybe we can find a time to Skype this weekend. Early Sunday morning would be best for me as I must work this Saturday.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


——– Original Message ——– Subject: My best CG of what you saw. From: Laurent Date: Sun, October 31, 2010 1:40 pm To: mike

Hello Mike, I hope all goes well for you

I have just put on youtube two private videos of the CG i did trying to show what you saw. I did my best. Spent many hours adjusting the parameters.

These are “not registered” videos that are not public to youtube users.

You need to see the videos in HD 720p full screen and switch off the lights in the room… only then you will be able to see the contour of the object.

These are two different ways to try to obtain what you saw.

For the first one, I did pitch 18° up the nose, that's the first way i was able to have the moon go essentially all the lenth of the left wing of the craft, but the trailing orb is clearly off the line

For the second one I banked the V (left) toward you by 39°.

The 747 is there just to give a reference size.

Look at it and we may chat by skype ?


laurent chabin

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