Dear Mister Fortson,

I am currently preparing a presentation for an audience in september in Paris about the sightings in Phoenix in 1997 No money involved, the audience will be of about 100 people. This is called “Les Repas Ufologiques”.

I am an engineer specialized in […]. I have access to tools for real time 3D renderings […].

I have started to make a 3D rendering of the passby of the V. I am trying to obtain informations of scientific value and make the most scientifically accurate 3D representation of your observation as well as the one of Tim Ley. So that we can say : this is what Mike Fortson saw. Because as I understand, none of the CGs published until now show precisely what you saw. I will retain no copyright on the creations, they will be in the public domain.

Would you like to make it really right ? If yes, then

First of all, I am fluent in english. so if you prefer, i may call you on the phone from France (free for me + time shift is not a problem for me)

As a first step, About the attached V* images, In the images, the 2 red targets on the left and right (circles with a cross) are placed so that the angle of view in between is 45° which is very close to your “33 inches at arms length” I have ajusted the V apparent size so that the left wing fits just in between when at the closest distance. By lack of information, the proportions of the V are exactly those shown on the National Geographic documentary American Paranormal (i know, it is not exactly what you saw).

With all these informations, there is only one last degree of freedom : The angle over the horizon of the line betwen you and the V. This is why my first question is : Precisely behind which part of the ship did you see the moon ? Please find attached a jpeg image V2.jpg which is a snapshot. Could you draw a white line that intersect the V where the moon passed behind ? What is important to me is that your line shows the entry point and the exit point on the V shape. This line may can be horizontal but can also be with some incline. Send me back the jpeg with the line and this will be enough for me to make the accurate video of the pass by, with the moon and visual effects. I'll do it as soon as you reply.

Is the V transparent enough ? I have never heard or read you describe round lights below the V. Did you see lights below, or did you only see red orbs ? + a Trailing orb. This is really not clear to me. Would you describe the below lights like Tim Ley and George Judson ? Did you make any drawings ? That would be useful. Is this your drawing ?

Where would you put the trailing org ? For that see the second attached image : V2_trailing_org.jpg Send me back the jpeg with the trailing orb moved where you remember it was.

Do you know if anybody tried to be that accurate in the representation ? (except History Channel) Is there a simulation done by Tom king of your observation ?

By the way, History channel showed the V with a lot of grey surface features and diamond type cut edges. Is there anything correct in that ?

Comparing two of your interviews in the ufochronicles web site, I found a difference. Which is the right one ? Tom King (shot 10 PM video from Mike Krysten’s home with Bill Hamilton) Tom King (shot 10 PM video from Steve Blonder’s home with Bill Hamilton)

Do you confirm the right one is “Tom King (shot 10 PM video from Steve Blonder’s home with Bill Hamilton)” I ask this because I have tried to know correctly the locations and the videos (you listed in your 2 interviews in the Kevin Smith Show)

Couldn't you find a single witness that saw it pass overhead in your area in order to make a simple triangulation ? Then it would be very easy to compute the real size of the craft.

Can you validate your location on the map i joined to this mail (location.jpg) ?

Do I have any chance to be able to get in contact with Ann Baker ? Would she reply to precise questions ?

Thank you very much for your dedication, and if you come to Paris, my home is open to you.

P.S. Do you have any news about Tim Ley, his he OK ? I tried to contact him but he didn't reply to my mail. I have done a preliminary video of the pass by seen by Tim Ley. FYI, I have translated in French most of your 23 feb 2010 - Kevin Smith interview here


Laurent Chabin Paris, France

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