Black Triangle UFOs

Un témoignage sur le forum Above Top Secret – In the middle of a strong snowstorm

Un témoignage du MUFON du 26 Janvier 2012 qui matche précisément les caractéristiques observationnelles que j'ai identifié à Phoenix. Un triangle noir lent et des boules lumineuses indépendantes en déplacement rapide.

Une analyse globale des Triangles Noirs Géants et sur l'utilité des LTA par Dorkbot sur le forum de the paracast.

  • Performance
  • Why is a classified craft being operated in a semi-public manner ?
  • What would you use such a craft for ?

What are the triangles ? par Richard Dolan
Attention, il y a une erreur dans l'analyse de Richard Dolan : en belgique, les pilotes de F16 n'ont jamais eu contact visuel avec les triangles. “the jet pilots could also track the objects on radar, and even see them – at times”

Believe it………………Amazing.
or not…………….Captivating Essay.


March 4, 1988 was a clear, crisp night. The stars were clearly visible, especially to the north over the lake where there are no city lights. Venus and Jupiter were bright and in close proximity to each other in the western sky. At about 6:30 P.M., S.B. (name withheld) and her children were driving home to Eastlake along the lake shore when they observed a large blimp-like object with lights at each end, hovering over the lake and rocking up and down like a “teeter totter.” One light was brighter than the other and was strobing. On arriving home, she asked her husband to accompany her to the beach about 200 yards north for a closer view of the object which she described as “larger than a football held at arm's length.”….. read Best Documented Triangular Shaped UFO revisited

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