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Mike Fortson's V Version 0.3 : Avec le commentaire de Tim.
This is accurate according to the depiction of the National Geographic channel video but their depiction of Mike Fortson's sighting is inaccurate. I interviewed Mike right after the sighting.I have made a comment on your home page about this - Tim Ley

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Mike Fortson's V Version 0.3
This is Tim Ley - The national Geographic special was inaccurate in portraying Mike Fortson's sighting. I personally went to Mike's home right after the March 13, 1997 sighting. He described to me what he saw as I stood in his back yard with him. He saw the same craft that passed over my house except he saw it from the side. When he described it to me he said it was so low that he thought it was going to crash. He was looking west as it passed in front of him, probably at least a 1/4 mile away and he said as it went by he could see the moon through it and he could see 3 lights. The TV special depicts the craft that Mike saw as having only 3 lights and only 2 on the side of the craft that Mike could see. It also depicts the idea that Mike was seeing through the darkness of the craft where the lights were imbedded. Mike couldn't see that because the craft was so low from his viewpoint he could just barely see the 3 lights on the left wing of the craft. As I have described, the “craft” with the 5 lights in it was as thin as apiece of paper. What Mike was experiencing was the optical effect of looking at the craft as it is surrounded in a field that literally bends the light that is coming at the field from the side opposite of your viewpoint, around the craft onto your side of the viewpoint. The field causes any optical viewpoint to see “around” the craft

Absolutely as thin as a piece of paper. Everything else was stealthed behind some kind of field that passed light from the stars around it. This craft would have been impossible to detect by any known instrumentation on the planet earth. When the craft went past Mike Fortson's viewpoint minutes later he saw it from the side and he could see the three lights on his side of the V-shape and above the lights the craft seemed transparent because he could see the moon through it. He was actually seeing the light from behind the craft pass around it and come out on his side. The point is, it has to be obvious that what Mike was looking “through” was the field that surrounded the craft - except for the paper-thin V-shape with the 5 lights in it (three on Mikes viewpoint because the craft was so low he couldn't see the two lights on the other arm of the craft).

Ma réponse à Tim

Your description is complex, I will need to read it several times before I get it really. Is your analysis consistent with the fact that the moon was 39° over the horizon and almost due WEST ?

By the way, your blog made me think too that the light was bent over your craft : would explain the city lights seen for a short time over at the end and might explain for the impression of seing a bulge over.

I did skype with Mike swice. The second time we spend time tuning things in my simulation, but it is very hard to get something I am confident with. And i don't want to bother him too much. I have seen the Tom King simulation for Mike, but it is not consistent with the craft passing in front of the moon. This is what I don't understand. So the only way I found to account for everything is v0.3 Mike. And mike fortson saw it live in real time through my webcam and seemed to be ok with it. So from there, I don't really know where to go.

Would you talk with me by Skype so that I can tell you about what i had infered about your description. I had sent you very pinpoint questions in a mail in april about that.

Thank you Tim for your support.

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