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 +Timothy LeyOctober 22, 2010 at 7:08am
 +Re : My best cg simulation of your sighting\\
 +Very good simulation - you have captured the essence of the event. Most importantly you were very accurate in the abstract quality of the object - the fact that it was sharp-edged darkness with 5 light-holes set into it. The National Geographic special that was on cable last February was only accurate in determining the size of the object (1,500 feet) because in their rendition they inacurately pictured the object with a metal surface and thickness to make it look like the thing which I saw pass over my house was the actual craft. I believe what I saw was the "​foot"​ of the craft that extruded outside of a force-field that hid a huge craft within. I have attached a YouTube video of a 2007 TV spot about my drawing of the craft in whcih they animated it. http://​​l/​9426bMO1tn3bPF4431TfLtjeViA;​​watch?​v=gr0cdjT3gsQ Until your simulation this little animation was more accurate that the National Geographic show's version.
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