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Trig Johnston

From north west. Orbs. Craft. Could see stars through. Says lights were on top, but strange Visual 20 minutes
Airline Pilot IKWIS Mike Fortson 2002:03:13

James & Fawn Clemens 42 Kingman 20:00:00 Five Intense bright Amber Orbs in V formation. Appeared just right of the Hale-Bopp comet Binoculars
over Nevada’s Lake Mead
Randall Fitzgerald

Vicinity of Paulden 20:16:00 Bizarre cluster of red lights moving very rapidly across the night sky
The man who called, a rational, sober-minded and eloquent sounding person, described
having witnessed with his family a very strange cluster of distinctly red-orange lights, which
consisted of 4-5 red lights "in the lead," followed by a single light which appeared to be
"standing back from the others." The lights in the lead gave the impression of being
in a "V" formation, somewhat like a wedge or boomerang in shape.

former police officer NUFORC

Paulden 20:20:00

Police Officer Retired IKWIS

Denis Monroe & Wife 47 Paulden 20:13:00 Five Approaching peach or light orange-colored Intense lights.
Kite Shaped Formation.
The lights were large and soft, not focused or concentrated. I thought I saw stars between
the lights. Thinks he saw stars between the lights.

5 minutes Passed Overhead Police Officer Retired Randall Fitzgerald
Seth Adams
It is one of the biggest things I have ever seen. Enormous. Changed shape then left
very fast with no sound. It just went pffshhh

15mn ???

IKWIS Nippon Special

Ross Nickle & Wife & Children
90 miles north of Phoenix 20:10:00 Summary : Five stars approaching.Changed color from white to red.
“I saw some lights in a very small pattern. And what they really looked like at that point was just
dim stars, several of them in a very tight pattern.
They were white like stars when they were coming towards us.
And at that point, they changed colors and went from white to red.
They were just overhead at that point and they were, in my estimation, not very high off the ground.
I’m guessing a thousand feet.
And there was absolutely no sound.
During the whole time, from the start to finish, there was absolutely no sound.”
North, approaching
Randall Fitzgerald
John Widener
Chino Valley
Five Lights in a triangular pattern, slow Visual
North and East of Prescott Airport
Randall Fitzgerald

More than 2 independant
groups of Comet Watchers

Prescott valley
Lights Binoculars

Randall Fitzgerald

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Ann Baker
Prescott valley XXX 20:13:00 RF:5 bright white lights in V formation. I Don't know if star like or extended light sources.
Could see stars between the lights. No solid mass.
Then it actually changed formation. It was now in a half-circle with five red, bright lights.
Turned on itself, changed configuration, color and shot away toward south
LL:What was described to me was that the 5 white lights in a V formation transitioned to an arc
and changed to red in the process of doing the accelleration -- all of it happening in one motion,
the color shift, the formation change and the sudden departure.
Randall Fitzgerald Larry Lowe
Fortson History Channel
Michael Rainwater & 3 friends


Randall Fitzgerald

Terry Proctor
North Scottsdale
56th street + Carefree Hwy
20:28:00 Small 5 white lights in V formation, going north to south; Formation shape evolving Video. 43Sec.

US Dep. Defense Contractor Randall Fitzgerald Video Docu

Alan Morey & Steve LaChance 36 & ? Scottsdale
“At first the lights appeared pale orange in color, but through the binoculars
we could see a little red light on the port side of each of the five larger orange lights,”
Morey told me. “They were five independent objects because we could see stars between them.
One light was behind the others in a delta wing configuration. But then the formation tightened.
The lights covered an area twice the size of my fist if I extended my arm to the sky.”
High Powered

Overhead Machinist(MUFON)
& PanAm pilot
Randall Fitzgerald

Mitch Stanley 20 close to Scottsdale
v-formation and discerned that each light was actually two lights on aircraft with squared wings.
“They were planes,” he would tell the Arizona Republic.
“There’s no way I could have mistaken that.”
10inch Telescope

Amater Astronomer Randall Fitzgerald

3 pilots
Over Lake Pleasant (North Phoenix)
V formation of bright white lights identified as a flight of CT-144s (tudors) at 19000 feet.
Identifying themselves as Canadian Snowbirds flying tudors headed
to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.
Though this answer satisfied the America West crew, they still found the other pilot’s
behavior to be unexplainable. Why are they flying in a show formation at night with their
landing lights on and pointed downward? Middleton kept wondering.
Why are they intentionally trying to draw attention to themselves?
Based on the radio traffic Middleton subsequently overheard, these were questions on the
minds of numerous commercial airline crews in the air that night.
à gauche, plus haut America West 757 Randall Fitzgerald

Greg Aguirre and his wife
North Phoenix
Five Lights in V formation
Two of his fists held at arm’s length would cover the formation.
No navigation lights were visible and no matter how hard he tried to envision this as
a flight of conventional aircraft, his mind recoiled from the awareness that the formation
was flying much too slowly for planes, at a speed comparable to blimps.
They made absolutely no noise. Looks like an object.
Overhead – 3000-6000 feet Southwest Airlines pilot Randall Fitzgerald

Max & Shala Saracen 34 north phoenix XXX
V shaped formation of white lights. flying silently at 20 or 30 miles per hour.
Saracen says two of his fists held up to the sky would have obscured the object.
“It was a solid mass of metal, but we saw no structure. It blocked the stars out.
My wife saw some humanoid shapes at some of its windows.
The movie, Independence Day, went through my mind. It was very spooky, this gigantic ship
blocking out the stars and silently creeping across the sky. Without a doubt, we believe it was
extraterrestrial from another world.”
Overhead – 1000 feet Laser printer technician &
aeronautics engineer

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Dana Valentine & his father

“We could see the outline of a mass behind the lights,” the younger Valentine claimed.
“It was more like a gray and wavy distortion of the night sky.
I know it’s not a technology the public has heard of before.”

over their house at a height they
guessed to be no more than 500 feet

Tim Ley, his wife Bobbi, &
their son al and grandson
54 Squaw Peak About
over house
watched in astonished awe from their front yard as the five lights seemed to float straight toward
them. “By the time it got about a mile away we decided it was definitely one huge structure,
because the lights were so rigidly maintaining their relative positions to each other,”
Ley later reported. “We also noted that we still had not heard any kind of sounds.
Where we live, up in this small mountain valley, we can hear the slightest engine noises from
miles away. At this point, especially because of its apparent immense size and slow speed,
it began to dawn upon us that this was a real UFO.”
Ley described the v-shaped structure as slightly darker than the night sky and so huge
that it covered several entire neighborhood blocks, with “the length of the arm passing over us
probably about 700 feet long.” He estimated that it floated at 30 miles per hour, skimming
silently about 100 feet above the roof of their home.
Visual 15mn Overhead – 100 feet electronics repair shop
Randall Fitzgerald Tim Ley's blog 1997:03:19

Sue Watson, Erin Watson 21 South East of
Squaw Peak
one mile south of
Camelback Mountain
They saw seven bright, whitish lights approaching their home.
“We could see the outline of the craft. We couldn’t see stars through it. It was boomerang
shaped, and going slowly and soundlessly.” Watson estimated the craft to be 10 of her fists
in size, its underside lit up in an amberish color. Giddiness from this sudden excitement
prompted the entire Watson family to reflexively wave at the object as it went overhead,
“disappearing really fast to the south.”
Overhead boy’s school administrator Randall Fitzgerald IKWIS

Ozma Linderman
South Scottsdale, Est Phoenix 20:35:00 One solid craft, a void in between the lights blacked out the stars.
It slowed down or stopped for a second, it then configured in an oval,
turned red and then shot strait up…
Visual short Overhead
Mike Fortson Unsolved Mysteries

Bree Crownover & four friends
A few miles east of
Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport,
from his workplace in
northwest Tempe

Noticed red/orange lights in the northern horizon on a
flight path intersecting airliners traveling east to west for landing at Sky Harbor.
“the red/orange lights seemed to be lower in altitude and oblivious
to the fact they were flying directly toward commercial aircraft traffic.
They were in a v-formation, three red/orange lights in front, two red/orange lights behind and
to each side. There seemed to be no ‘body’ to this aircraft, only lights.
When directly overhead, it was so large it wouldn’t fit into direct vision.
I had to shift my eyes to see the entire object. At this time, we realized that this was not one
object, it was five or more, with one light in back trailing slightly.
The lights moved slowly to the south.”

Mike Fortson & Nannette 44 & 43 South of Phoenix 20:30:00
From the patio they viewed a boomerang-shaped object--about the size of eight of his fists
held up to the sky--moving silently and slowly south. Three bright white beams of light projected
from the front, trailed by five solid, non-blinking red/amber lights on the side and rear.
All the lights appeared to be angled down at the ground. The craft seemed to pass under a
737 airliner in its landing approach path. Observed Fortson: “There was a bright bottom
quarter moon setting in the west, and as the front of the v-shaped craft entered the light of
the moon, this black chevron object became translucent. We could still see the bottom
quarter moon through the object, but the moon turned a dingy yellow. As the craft exited
the bright moon, it became a solid black object again, and disappeared to our south."
Visual About
2 minutes
48° over horizon Safety Products Salesman,
Real Estate Agent.

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Bradley Evans & Kris
Driving north just past
Casa Grande along I10

the lights changed to a yellowish-white color and moved into a diamond-shaped formation
traveling south along I-10. “I had no sense at all that this was a solid object,” Dr. Evans later
related. “I could see background stars between the lights. In an instant the lights were
directly overhead (the car’s moon roof was open.) While our car was traveling at
about 63 miles per hour, and the lights apparently moving south and east, they seemed
to hold directly overhead for about five to 10 minutes, still holding formation
Overhead – 1800 feet

Stacey Roads, mother &
daughter, & two family friends

10 miles south of Casa Grande
on I10
20:42:00 Stacey Roads looked at the car clock and noted the time--8:42 p.m. Here she picks up the narrative. “The object was huge, an immense black shape. It came over the freeway, using I-10 as a map of some sort. We were under its shadow for over two minutes and we were traveling 80 miles per hour in the opposite direction. It was a huge triangular metal mass, with three lights far apart, and seams of metal on the underside. It was only a few thousand feet off the ground and this thing blotted out the stars. This thing was so big you could land planes on it. I could have held open a newspaper to the sky and not been able to block out the object. Like in the movie Independence Day, that’s how big the thing was. I couldn’t focus my camera to fit it all in, so I didn’t get a shot of it. It was headed for Tucson. All five of us are in agreement the thing was not from this planet.” Visual

Randall Fitzgerald IKWIS

Tucson 21:00:00


Anonymous (by NUFORC)
~20:15:00 The lights stayed on the left of my car, apparently flying over the southbound part of the
interstate. I could clearly see there were five lights, one at the tip and two each on either side,
in the V shape. The lights were white, but not pure -- slightly yellowish, like an incandescent
light bulb. [nota : rest consistent with point light sources]

2 minutes


Terry Mannsfield 60 ? South of the Hills near
Squaw peak
20:37:00 Had a meeting in her home. Along flight path of the big triangle. South51. Perceived something
wrong with the stars. Only then saw physicall structure. A satiny dark grey surface.
Clear impression this is extra human. But a feeling of calm came back. Came back in meeting
but didn't think about talking about about it. Only 2 days later. Dampening down of her emotional
response. Same for 2 around her. Manipulation of people mental states. No fear.
Larry Lowe (direct)